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Baby Music Classes (Boogie Time)

An entertaining music and exercise class for both infants and parents, promoting positive touch, developmental play and above all - having lots of fun together

Benefits of Boogie Time for you and your infant

As you move with your infant, the class provides you both with a very gentle and fun workout combined with a good old sing-a-long!

Infants love different kinds of music and movement and respond in different ways. The percussion helps babies develop their rhythm, hand-eye coordination and musicality.

Movement is the way in which the different senses learn to work together to support posture, balance and coordination.

Our friendly puppets, "Sam and Sally", join us as we sing well-known nursery rhymes, play parachute games and use Baby Sign to stimulate the infants.

The classes give parents the opportunity to have fun whilst supporting their infant’s cognitive, emotional, social, language and physical development.

What to expect from Boogie Time

Classes are open to infants from 12 weeks of age to walking. Movements and exercises are adapted depending on the age, confidence and ability of each child.

Each class has 7 stages:

  • Warm up: sitting on the floor paying close attention to Sam and Sally, we gently move the infant’s arms and legs to get them ready for the class.
  • Active exercises: using safe holding positions you will move around the room, bending, swaying and lifting your highly delighted infant together with higher-tempo songs.
  • Floor exercises: you will be ready at this point to sit back down. The floor exercises involve your infant sitting on your knees, on your tummy and doing bounces, all in-time to songs.
  • Percussion: as we bring out the percussion instruments, the infants develop their rhythm, pitch, hand-to-eye coordination and fine motor skills.
  • Parachute: hop onboard for a stimulating experience with our colourful parachute.
  • Baby Sign: uses songs and signs to communicate with your baby before speech develops. Signing eases frustration and encourages reading. Signing children, on average, have a higher IQ than non-signing children.
  • Relaxation: Softer, gentler songs are used to signal that this is the time to wind down and start to relax. Chiffon scarves are floated over the infants (much to their amusement) in time to lullabies. ‘Magical’ bubbles are blown and drift around the room engaging the infant’s attention, bringing the class to a close.

What to expect from Boogie Time Tots

Classes are open to infants who are confidently walking up to 4 years. Movements and exercises are adapted depending on the age, confidence and ability of each child. Boogie Time Tots sessions are more "active" than Boogie Time encouraging the toddlers to join in and dance around to the familiar songs.